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Lost Recs Pt. 2


Title: Untitled
Author: knowing_shadows
Game: Post-Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Riku/Sora, AntiSora
Genre: Dark
Reason: Aftering stumbling across my first AntiSora fic, Antithesis (rec'd on Week 2), I've been aching for more, and this fiction more than provides, answering the question what would a person as familiar with Darkness as Riku think of AntiSora. I could say more about how amazing this fiction is and how grippingly true the characterization is, but half of the responders in this post PWNED me bad so I leave the floor to them.


Title: Gin & Sin
Author: cordyceps
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel/Roxas AU, ongoing
Genre: Dark
Reason: I've said before I am no fan of AUs, especially AUs that practically throw the characters into the world of Hot Topic and drugs. I can forgive this fiction the act of being so warped an AU if only for the consistent twists and turns it offers every chapter so that I never know what to make of it. I'm still iffy about the whole making Disney characters into people though. I think I'm most interested in just what the hell is up with Axel since his personality shifts every time he shows up. I'm recommending it mostly because it's intriguing and I'm curious to see where it goes. It gets this classification because I'm not sure how to react to the changing characterization. Not to say it's not worth a read for interpretations of your own.

Title: Untitled
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Organization XIII Easter crack
Genre: Crack duh
Description: I'm not big on crack fiction, but this one made me laugh pretty hard with its various parodies on the members. They're like a gang of drunken children, and since this fiction doesn't take itself serious at all, I'm cool with that. Also where else are you going to get wining lines like "Oh, god, I feel violated! Xenmas touched my penis!"


Title: Something for Nothing
Author: imadra_blue
Game: Post-Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Riku/Sora, not what it seems, spoilers
Genre: Dark
Reason: Wow, is this fiction dark. This is probably the only time that I think something truly deserves the title of Heartless. Because it totally ripped mine out and laughed at me. What if the end of KH2 wasn't as bright as it appeared? What if the Organization members didn't just disappear? What if Riku could never truly get what he wanted. This fiction almost gave me nightmares; it's that beautifully evil and told with such an emotionless style. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Dark Fiction

Title: Imaginary Friend
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description:Riku-centric, spoilers
Thoughts: Sometimes I just want to recommend fiction because it's so creative, and this is one of those cases. Riku has made himself his own personal Sora to be with him while Sora cannot, and it's just not enough. I guess it could be dark but it's more introspective and creepy imagination.

Fluffy Fiction

Title: I (Don't) Like Riku
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Sora/Riku
Thoughts: I love the boyish frustration of Sora in this fiction more than anything. It makes me giggle. And Riku really is a jerk. Just read for the fluffy goodness.

Title: Morning
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Sora/Riku drabble
Thoughts: Another fiction that's fluff and nothing else, but the "awww" is just too strong to resist. It indulges in its own cuteness but doesn't go overboard either. More like catching the two in a moment, and that's the fluff I can get on board with.

Title: Dance Heartless Dance
Game: Kingdom Hearts I
Description: Sora and Riku being silly
Thoughts: Just a quick drabble about the pair being silly and Riku being a bad influence. I think I mostly enjoyed this fiction because I really hated the White Mushroom minigames in KH1 and it's always nice to see fiction that takes place in the actual KH world.

Crack Fiction

Title: Opportunity
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Riku/Sora drabble
Thoughts: Dude, it's Jack Sparrow giving a pep-talk to Riku. Enough said.

General Fiction

Title: A Promise You Can Keep
Game: Kingdom Hearts I thru Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Sora/Riku, spoilers
Thoughts: Look a ffnet recommendation! This one comes from Week 2's Nobody as well. The thing I like about this one is how it stays close to the KH storyline and just fills in the subtext for the characters, as well as taking some artistic license with the scenes near the end. More of Riku's point of view than Sora's but since we get mostly Sora all the time anyway, I'm not going to complain. That and I love fiction that covers Riku's reaction to what happens to Sora after Chain of Memories.

Title: Wishing
Game: Post-Chain of Memories
Description: Riku-centric, spoilers
Thoughts: Another fiction that explores Riku's feelings after seeing Sora in CoM. I just enjoy watching Riku's return to Darkness and his frustration at having lost a battle. Riku's inability to admit his feelings even to the silence is also devastating.

Title: Repeat
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Sora-centric, Axel/Roxas, spoilers
Thoughts: Confusing as hell but it's rare sight to catch an angsting Sora that isn't completely fake and OOC. They style of writing is also refeshing with the repitions and the stream of conscience flow. The ending is another one of those heart-wrenching blows but oh so Sora.
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