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Destati: Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction Reviews

Diving in the Heart of Fanfiction

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We review Kingdom Hearts fanfiction. It's that simple.


Each week will feature three works on the review block and several recommendations. The recommendations will be a small summary of the piece and what's special about it, while the prominent three reviews will be signficantly longer and categoriezed as follows:

1. Keymasters
-These are the favored fics. They either take on unique subjects or present characterization so on the mark that you think they came Nomura himself.

2. Nobodies
-These are the fics that feature good premises but seem to be not quite complete. Perhaps they fall back on fanon, character-bashing or something is just off. In other words, the constructive criticism fics.

3. Heartless
-These are the fics that take something I'm not particularly fond of and make me enjoy it. They're the wild cards. The unexpected prizes. They are so named because they cause a "change of heart." Bad I know. I just wanted to keep my theme.


I am doing this mostly to promote strong fiction ideas and styles. I also think people learn quicker from criticism than praise. Since these works are public, I feel no shame in stating my reaction to them. In other words, if I say something discouraging about your fic, don't cry to me about it. I assure you I will put nothing up here that I consider beyond redemption and posted for the sheer sake of bashing.

This site will continue to exist as long as people produce fiction worth reviewing. If the fic quality declines so will the reviews.