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Lost Recs Pt. 1

Ok, since this journal was kinda dying for the past three weeks, mostly due to extended jet lag from Acen, I've decided to revamp the formula slightly. In this new version, the reviews will be considerable shorter, but there will be more, provided that's what the fandom produces. The three major categories will still remain and will feature slightly more extensive reviews but probably nothing bigger than a paragraph else I'll get intimidated by keeping this up again. I will also be classifying recs as fluff, crack, dark or general (meaing none of the other three).

The next three posts will basically be all the fics I've missed over the past two months or so.


Title: Nowhere Man
Author: moonsheen
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel/Roxas, Organization XIII
Genre: General
Reasons: This fiction analyzes Organization XIII, paying extra attention to the tense relationship between Roxas and Axel but also allowing time for other characters such as Luxord and Larxene. What you really go to this fiction for is the unique characterization and dialogue of Axel, one completely different from anything else I've encountered. Is he teasing, is he serious, is he out of his rabid-assed mind? Who knows? Possibly Roxas. It's defnitely an Axel you won't soon forget. The confusing banter between Axel and Roxas is also worth a second look just to see if you can figure out what Axel's really trying to say.

Title:Disney's Guide to Alternative Lifestyles
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Destiny trio in the PrideLands.
Genre: Fluff
Thoughts: As this is my favorite world in KH2, I adore fiction and art that takes Sora's transformation and applies it to other characters. Everyone is too cute in this fiction and Kairi's encouragement of Riku makes me smile.

Title:The Thirteenth
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Organization XIII
Genre: General
Thoughts: Mostly recommend this for the Organization taunting Roxas and Roxas sounding like he wants to take a Keyblade to every single one of their heads. It's also fun to picture all the voices bouncing off walls as the members play each other mercilessly. I love Organization fiction!


Title: Whispered Despicable
Game: Kingdom Hearts I
Description: Riku-centric, RikuSora implied
Genre: Dark
Reasons: I don't really know what it is that draws me to this fiction, possibly the dark loss of innocence displayed by Riku, who just wants so desperately for Sora to understand his needs. The constant repetition of "It wasn't a joke" really gets to me. But the obvious resentment Riku harbors toward Kairi prevents this from being a completely awesome fiction. In all other aspects, Riku's frustrated Darkness is well presented and the characterization seems very plausible for the Riku we see in KH1. Well worth the read just to see how twisted Riku can be behind the scenes.


Title: Quiet
Author: hanae0711
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: AxelxRoxas smut, NC-17 people
Genre: General
Reasons: This is probably one of the few pure KH smut fictions you will see me recommend since smut is generally not my cup of tea. Also one of the few AxelxRoxas you will ever see me show much attention to since we know my preference when it comes to that. But this fiction won me over with the writer's ability to portray so much with only the barest amount of dialogue. Since the whole thing is done through Roxas' perspective, this makes it all the more powerful. So for you smut lovers, this is your recommendation. Enjoy.


Title: Thirteen and One
Game: Kingdom Hearts I Final Mix, spoilers
Description: AU presenting alternative ending for the Deep Dive battle, ongoing
Genre: Dark
Thoughts: This is actually an idea nobody's ever taken on before and also shows a reluctantly softer side of Roxas. I love dark fiction, and this one pulls no punches with its subject matter.

Title: Servants and Masters
Game: Chain of Memories/Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Organization XIII and their Nobodies, post-CoM
Genre: General
Thoughts: Focusing on the Organization's link with at least one specific kind of Nobody, this piece explores the aftermath of Chain of Memories. Again, this idea is not a common one, as most don't spend too much time on the other half of Organization XIII's reaction to the carnage that took place at Castle Oblivion. Another bonus for this fiction comes in the form of a well-characterized Superior and a quite authorative Roxas. A suprisingly tragic and contemplative read.

Title: What It is to Lose
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel-centric, the famous scene where Roxas leaves, spoilers
Genre: Dark
Thoughts: Everyone has their own interpretation of what was going on through Axel's head during this moment. It comes so quick and so fast and is practically loaded with slash fangirl fodder. This fiction stays true to the Axel seen in Chain of Memories, capturing torn feelings as well as a sense of anger, confusion and despair. It is angsty, dark and overall not pretty for either of our characters. That's why it's perfect for them. Where do Axel's true loyalties lie?

Title: An Honest Heart
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel/Roxas, spoilers
Genre: Dark
Thoughts: Axel is always playing or so it seems to Roxas. A melancholic take on Roxas' view of VIII and what it's like to live with a liar who claims to be your friend.

Title: On Compliments
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel/Roxas drabble
Genre: Fluff
Thoughts: Just a drabble from one of my favorite writers but the interaction between these two manages to be so stilted and jovial at the same time that I have to include it with the rest of the recommendations. The idea of Axel asking Roxas to tell him how beautiful his eyes are is too much!

Title: What You Have
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Roxas/Sora drabble, spoilers
Genre: Dark
Thoughts: This one I've included because I despise the idea of any romantic feelings in this pairing, outside of fanart, but this fiction managed to play with the idea in such a sinister way. I've wondered how Roxas felt toward Sora following that scene in Betwixt and Between, and this fiction manages to show them both as their true selves amid a battle that's not wholly physical. I also adore the strength of Sora's character here.

Title: Special Knots
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel/Roxas drabble
Genre: Crack
Thoughts: A fluffy crack fic with Axel in a belled collar. What's not to love? Roxas is also so deliciously naughty.
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