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Week 6-7


Title: Major and Minor
Author: shoiryu
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Demyx-centric, Organization XIII
Genre: General
Reason: Yay for more Demyx fiction that views him as something other than everyone's personal joke. This fiction more or less works with the idea that music is a way to express the soul so what happens when the musician no longer has one? I love seeing how different Organization members react to Demyx's music in this fiction, as well as Demyx's utter love for his art. I also like the idea of having Namine be able to bring the music to life for Demyx, a reflection of the power of her own art.

Title: Torch
Author: unedited
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel/Roxas
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Mostly recommended because I love the author, and I love Axel/Roxas fluff when it's not completely out of character. That and Roxas' whole confusion toward not knowing what to feel while beaching with Axel is very cute. Naturally, there are also popsicles.

Title: Nightlife
Author: cyber_slum
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel-centric, Axel/Roxas
Genre: General
Summary: Short piece on Axel and his penchant for observing those around him, offering another take on just why he does it. A more melancholic Axel than I usually like but it all ties into his more playful and malicious sides as well. Another one of the common Roxas giving Axel life tales but with most of the pointless sap removed. Bullshit lives, indeed.

Title: Illumination
Author: antifisis
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Demyx-pov, Axel/Roxas
Genre: General
Summary: I appreciate fiction that views the Demyx/Axel/Roxas relationship in a third-wheel sort of scenario, which I see as closest to reality. This fiction allows one to watch Demyx play the spectator as Roxas makes his final decision and does so with only metaphors and basic phrases. Although it's much shorter than I would have preferred for the power of its scope, it does contain a variety of lines that remain with you even after you're done reading.

Title: Quartered
Author: gysecune
Game: post-Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Sora-centric with memories of Roxas, spoilers
Genre: General
Summary: I'm putting this here because otherwise it would be with the Riku/Sora section, and this fiction isn't really Riku/Sora. This fiction does a great job of merging the lives of Roxas and Sora, as well as showing their separation. A good way of reminding readers that not everyone in Kingdom Hearts receives a truly happy ending. I approve any fiction that plays with the more serious side of Sora. It's not necessarily a happy fic but not entirely sad either. It's exactly what it says...quartered.

Title: Mistake
Author: SFK
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Demyx/Axel
Genre: Crack
Summary: This is sheer crack and the only reason I'm recommending it is because it made me laugh my ass off. If you don't mind a little humor at Axel's expense, check it out. Those Organization cloaks are dangerous for members with spiky weapons.


Title: Half-life
Author: krillia
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel-centric, scene at Betwixt and Between, spoilers
Genre: General
Reason: If you get past the baby-eating jokes in the center, this fiction presents a twilight-hued look at Axel's thoughts during Betwixt and Between. The notion of Nobodies as leading half-lives is a powerful and plausible one. Almost as powerful as the realization that only the Organization members retain enough of their original selves to understand the incompletion in their existance while the rest of the Nobodies simply rage against it without purpose. Having Axel see Roxas as their/his chance to escape this empty existence is equally moving, especially when Axel continues to struggle about whether his feelings are an illusion. My final props go out to the last paragraph of this fiction. A real kicker.


Title: Singed Feelings
Author: devicing
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Genre: Fluff
Reason: What's better than subtle Axel/Roxas fiction? When it includes the rest of the Twilight Gang. I always forget about them when pursuing Roxas fiction. I just adore the entire premise of this fiction, with the gang hanging out and being kids at the local fair. Everyone is so well portrayed too; Hayner would have to be my favorite. Olette reminds me a bit of Anzu from Yugioh with her friendship kick in this, but I don't mind. We even get a bit of Axel/Namine interaction at the end.

Title: Everyday
Author: ObsessedOne
Game: post-Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Riku/Sora
Genre: General
Summary: I prefer to view this fiction as a one-parter since it kind of loses everything that makes it special once it slips into the cliched style of its other chapters. So this review only focuses on the initial chapter. I enjoy the writer's attempt in these to produce Sora's voice, a rambunctious but also easily shaken tone. The interaction between the main three is handled, as is the aftermath of the final fight on the boys. It has a few flaws but overall a sweet result.

Title: In the Belly of the Whale
Author: serenity_denied
Game: post-Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Riku/Sora
Genre: General
Summary: Riku and Sora return to Monstro. But Sora hasn't competely forgiven Riku for the past and doesn't quite know how to handle those feelings. A great fiction about trust, again showing a more somber side of the boys and a unique take on how Riku manages to chase his demons. I recommend it if only for a more mature and reflective Sora, as he might have been apart from the continuous push for him to be a hero in the actual game.

Title: Won't Let Go
Author: imadra_blue
Game: post-Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Riku/Sora drabble
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Short and sweet and more a trip down the lyrical road than anything else. But this fiction still manages to capture the tenuous and turbulent friendship between Riku and Sora with nothing more than the simple plot of jumping from a cliff.

Title: Juxtapose
Author: insaneidiot
Game: post-Chain of Memories
Description: Riku-centric, Riku/Sora
Genre: General
Summary: Riku dreams of what was and what could have been, recalling all his past opportunies and how he wasted them. Riku's voice and delivery is the best part of this fiction, remaining critical and serious even with the fluff he's imagining.

Title: Forgotten
Author: SKF
Game: post-Kingdom Hearts
Description: Sora/Riku, AU
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Sora and Riku were always found of Hide & Seek even when they got older. This is the idea behind this fiction and it really works while giving us some adorable young Sora and Riku moments in the beginning. I also enjoy the inclusion of Sora's conflict with taking out Heartless so readily in the middle. I think the ending would work better with just the first and last sentence of the final paragraph, but it's still terribly cute.

Title: What Little Boys Are Made Of
Author: gunxshyed
Game: pre-Kingdom Hearts
Description: young Sora/Riku
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Young Sora and Riku is one of my guilty pleasures because those moments in Kingdom Hearts were some of my favorites in the game. They're just such squeezable little boys. This fiction captures that fairly well, using some simple moments such as building sandcastles or eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches together. My one complaint against the fiction would be bringing in a homophobic father when at this age, a parent is not likely to care what his male children do. I think it was yet another case of the prevalent Riku's father is a jerk fanon that slips into a Sora/Riku ever so often.
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