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Lost Recs Pt. 3 - The Finale


Title: Bartleby in Flight
Author: refracting
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Organization XIII drabble
Genre: Fluff
Reason: Because this is just a drabble, I probably can't write as much about it as I did with my other Keymaster selections. But after looking over my remaining fiction choices, this one had to be given this title because it just does so much with what small space it has to work with. Another version of Roxas' initial introduction to the Organization, with some hilarity tossed in. I'm amazed at how much of the characters this fiction manages to show since it's hardly more than a drabble. It's still golden. The touch of Axel/Roxas interaction at the end makes it all the sweeter.

Title: One Way The World Ends
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel/Roxas drabble, spoilers
Genre: Dark
Thoughts: What if Axel tried to take more proactive measures in recovering Roxas? Would it matter in the end? I do love the sinking feeling I get whenever I read this fictions, where you know as bad as it seems, it's really only going to get worse.


Title: You Aren't My Light
Author: luvlustblood
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel/Riku
Genre: Dark
Reason: The very rare Axel/Riku fanfiction. Popular with Japanese fanartists but not so much with English writers. I like this fiction's notion that the two would be using each other since they can't really have what they want. I do wince at how weak Axel can sound at times, thus why this fiction is classified as this week's Nobody. But as said before, this is probably the only decent Axel/Riku I will ever find and I can still fawn over its potential and premise. Riku is also well written and touch vicious.


Title: Blurry Eyes
Author: masakados
Game: Kingdom Hearts I Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts II
Description: OrgxRiku non-con, R just in case, spoilers too I guess
Genre: Dark
Reason: Do not ask me what it is with this idea because I do not know. All I know is that it's so damn sinister that I'm drawn to it like a train wreck. The general premise is a darker aftermath for Deep Dive and are based on art by rubyd. What I like about this one compared with others I've seen is Roxas' role. No, he is not involved in the orgy just in case some of you were already traumatized. But the way the whole Sora thing is forced in Riku's face...OW. Yes, these fictions are evil. This one is also slightly less smutty than others of its kind.

Title: Growing Darkness
Game: Kingdom Hearts I Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts II
Description: OrgxRiku non-con, R again, spoilers
Thoughts: This version of the above idea also focuses on the Organization members but allows the reader to notice their brief moments of conflict. It's also the smuttier version and features a second chapter that explores what might have been going through the minds of various members during the first chapter, which is told through Riku's perspective. Like the above, it's not a very pleasant fiction.

Title: Blind my Eyes
Game: Kingdom Hearts I Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts II
Description: OrgxRiku non-con, R still, spoilers
Thoughts: Same premise as above but with less focus on the Organization and more on Riku and Riku's agony. This is probably the one that struck the greatest emotional chord with me because of the way it was written and the Heartless pick was probably only chosen because it had more Roxas and I am Roxasexual.

Title: Carnage
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Xigbar/Xaldin, VERY violent
Thoughts: What is this a fiction that doesn't involve horrible Riku torture? Why yes it is. Instead it involves horrible torture of some other unnamed character. Honestly, this fiction is nuts and a complete orgy of blood, but it's different and for some reason I can't quite put my finger on I like it. Must be the blood kink. I've always been a sucker for violence. So if you don't mind Xigbar being incredibly violent (although his rationalization is strangely convincing), you might just dig this for the creepy relationship between him and Xaldin. Xaldin is a scary man as well.


Sorry these only come in two flavors: fluff and general AKA angst.

Fluffy Fiction

Title: "We Still Friends?"
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel/Roxas
Thoughts: I won't lie. It's pure Axel/Roxas sap with ice lattes and chocolate eclaires, and they're probably about ten times more fluffy than they should ever be, but sometimes you want to get away from the Darkness that typically comes with the Organization XIII. Plus, you get to read about Roxas dumping an iced coffee on Axel. That alone is worth the price of admission. Axel's a kook, Roxas is a party pooper and "Got it Memorized" needs to die a slow, painful death. It's still snuggles. If you want more, check out the doujinshi version.

Title: Ever Since
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel/Roxas
Thoughts: This fiction wins alone for having drunk Axel and not having it result in mindless sex. Drunk Axel is rather adorable, and though it pains me to use such a word to describe Axel, it doesn't make this fiction any less cute. I also love how totally confused Roxas is throughout. Like I said, my whole recommendation page can't be DROWNING in the angst.

General Fiction

Title: Everything We Lack
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel-centric, spoilers
Thoughts: One of the first Axel/Roxas fictions that I read after completing the game and still one of my favorites. Its style works well with Axel's shifting mentality from meeting Roxas to their confrontration in Twilight Town. That last lines of the fiction tear me up every time I read them because they manage to be so broken but not the blubbering fanon type of broken either. The confused, bitter side of Axel, with no hope of reprieve in sight. It will break you.

Title: Only When I Lose Myself
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Roxas/Hayner
Thoughts: I don't have very many TwilightTown character recommendations and this one does deserve some not for toying with the Riku/Sora as Hayner/Roxas idea. I'm not usually one for insane sexualizing between these two, but something about this fiction just won me over. Hayner needs love too. So does TwilightTown!Roxas...I guess.

Title: Coward
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Demyx-centric drabble, spoilers
Thoughts: I enjoy a good angsty Demyx fiction. This one reminded me of just how frustrated I was with the events that go down in Hollow Bastion. It's just not fair. Sora's a jerk!

Title: Identity Crisis
Game: Post-Kingdom Hearts II
Description: What happened to Roxas after KH2? Riku's about to find out, spoilers
Thoughts: Another fiction I recommend due to its sheer ability to depress the hell out of you. I believe Roxas got shafted in KH2, and this fiction shows me one interpretation of why I might feel that way. I also enjoy the chance for more interaction between Roxas and Riku because I find their relationship intriguing, and people need to write some Riku/Roxas fiction that isn't just of the smut variety. By the end of this, you will want to offer Roxas all the hugs and chocolate you have.

Title: Make a Promise
Game: Post-Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel, Auron, spoilers
Thoughts: This is here because the concept behind it makes me happy. And Auron rocks.

Title: Anchor
Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Description: Axel/Roxas, spoilers
Thoughts: Follow the tragic course of Axel and Roxas' relationship to its bitter end through Roxas' eyes. It's been a while since I read this one, but I remember it being one of my favorites for its characterization of Roxas as something other than a moody uke but as a frustrated, mature figure.

Again, next week we will return back to our regularly scheduled three special selections and a handful of recs.
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